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Searching for a new career is a critical moment in the lives of most people.  At Genesis Resources, we do not take this lightly.  Our commitment is to those individuals who honor our firm with the ability to represent their career activity.  At Genesis, we recognize that most people feel like a lost puzzle piece with no definitive place to fit in when dealing with large recruiting firms and recruiting centers.  While we can’t always control how quickly we gain feedback, we commit to our candidates to respond to their requests within 24 hours.

At Genesis, we offer several resources that our candidates can utilize to help support them during a job search or, perhaps just a casual "meet & greet" over a cup of coffee.  Either way, the first impression is the most important and we are here to help support our candidates making the best first impression possible.  Outside of our state of the art job search tools, we offer job seekers the following:

  • Resume Writing
  • Interview Training
  • Online Search Support
  • Resignation Guidance
  • Reference Verification
  • Continuing Education
  • Industry Updates
  • Critical Networking
  • Full Confidentiality