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What Is Emily's Place and Why Corporations Should Get Involved in Volunteer Work

Posted by Allie Feste & Kahli Hugley

What is Emily’s Place?

Emily’s Place provides long-term housing that is critical for helping domestic violence survivors permanently escape abuse.  It is the “bridge” from a shelter, which typically allows women a safe place for 30 to 90 days, to independent living, free of the barriers preventing them from achieving self-sufficiency away from their abusers. Genesis Resources has been involved with Emily’s Place for approximately eight years. We have been a part of their growth and have enjoyed the relationships we have built along the way.

Did you know…. On a typical day, domestic violence hotlines receive approximately 21,000 calls, an average of close to 15 calls every minute. This is an alarming statistic which is why we will continuously support Emily’s Place and encourage other businesses to get involved with a local nonprofit.

Why do Corporate Volunteer Work?

There are many reasons why your business should be active and impactful to your community. First, the networking. The people you meet when you volunteer or attend non-profit events will have an impact on your business. Often, we come across people at events that relate to our passion for volunteering and impact our business positively.

Aside from networking with other businesses in the community, it can be a great way for your team to bond. Developing relationships with your coworkers can directly impact your business’s success. Volunteer opportunities are remarkable because they allow employees to work together while they are making an impact in the community that they live in. 

Volunteering offers many benefits for everyone involved, whether it is for the corporation, employees, or people directly impacted by the volunteer efforts. One of the beauties about volunteering is that you are making a difference no matter what route you take. Whether it is having a company-wide day to stock a food pantry or allowing your employees to take several hours at a time to volunteer for a cause of their choosing. Every effort matters. We at Genesis encourage you and your team members to get involved in your community today!

If you would like to make a contribution to Emily’s Place, click on this link: