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An Ode to the State Fair of Texas

Posted by Kahli Hugley

Moseying in through the gates, I look to my left and see tents, exhibits, people. I look to my right and see cars old, cars new, exhibits, games…people.

“Step up! Step up! Come get your own!”

“Finest right here!”

“Only at the Texas State Fair!”

I look down at my little one and she smiles, grasping my hand tightly, awestruck by the scene in front of her. Everything must look giant to her. She wiggles her hand out of mine and takes a few steps forward. She turns her head back towards me.

Wait until she sees…


Squealing with excitement, she breaks into a full-blown little girl sprint further into the Fair. We get lost inside the Fair together. Corn dogs, nachos, turkey legs. Little girl rollercoasters and games. Bottom shelf toys because that was all we could afford to win together.

I see her face growing longer and longer by the minute. She begins to mess with her boots and stare at her feet. She stops at booths more and more often and the further and further the sun dives deeper towards the earth, the more I see her yawn and sigh.

But she hasn’t seen…


She screeches and screams so I pick her up. She calms and settles her head onto my shoulder. Seems we are done for the day. We make our way towards the Fair exit when I hear an audible gasp and she freezes against me.


I turn to face her view and see Big Tex off in the distance. I smile and hold her closer.

She sees him.