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Red River Shootout

Posted by Kahli Hugley

It’s COLD today over here in Dallas, Texas. Not the point of the blog but I just wanted to let y’all know. What I really wanted to talk about today was this Red River Shootout game on Saturday during the Texas State Fair. If you are reading this - and have no idea what the “Red River Shootout” is - it’s not one of those western shoot-outs at high noon…it’s the Texas Longhorns and Oklahoma Sooners college football game!

This weekend, the number 6 Oklahoma team will be facing the number 11 Texas team and with last year being a spectacular performance (twice!), we know that this year will be all the same. Since 1945, Oklahoma leads the series 36-35-3 which just goes to show just how close these games get between the two teams. Now, THAT’s a rivalry game.

While I was doing some research on the history of this rivalry, one interesting game that stood out to me was the 1958 game where the Longhorn’s head coach Darrell Royal – the previous Sooner’s quarterback – defeated his former coach Bud Wilkinson. In this game, the Longhorns only won by ONE POINT.

But let’s talk about last year’s game – October, 2018. If you’re reading this, you were probably one of the people who watched Kyler Murray and Sam Ehlinger face-off in one of the most heated games of the season. I personally was listening to the game on the radio on my way home from my brother’s baseball game. I will always remember “Little Jordan Humphries” and “Dicker the Kicker” for the rest of my life! I have such great respect for Kyler Murray to stay calm under pressure and for almost winning the game for the Sooners after such a huge deficit (45-24 at the end of the 3rd quarter!).

Being born and raised an Aggie while also choosing to become a Horned Frog (Go TCU!), I have grown up watching this rivalry game because it always has a big effect on both of my teams no matter the outcome. Even though both the Sooners and the Longhorns have rivalries against my teams, there really is not much that can compare to the Red River Shootout in the Cotton Bowl (maybe Texas-Texas A&M if we could ever get them to play again!). So, as I sit down to watch this game tomorrow, I will look out for even more record-breaking plays and outstanding football all around.

Now the question is – who should I root for?