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Posted by Trey Hugley

ICE?  What is ICE?  Is it the International something another that focuses on illegal aliens?  Maybe.  But, I prefer to refer to it in the original form….  Water that has been modified to a much deadlier form of weather that tends to cause havoc in Dallas to the point that no one can find their way to work because we just don’t know how to deal with it!  Yep, that’s the real ICE!  Today, we had to deal with a rainfall from Sunday that put ICE on the Dallas radar (no, not the weird and word-of-mouth radar that people refer to when thinking that something has finally become a topic that requires discussion).  And not because ICE was falling at 5am in the morning or because the roads might possibly be so frozen that a bobsled would be a dangerous commuting option, but because Dallas is not used to acclimating to the fact that they might drive by a pile of snow/ice on the side of the road and recognize that there might be the distinct possibility that they would have to steer in to the swerve rather than slam on their brakes and scream Holy Mary Mother of God to anyone who could hear them (or to whatever deity you so choose to scream to when your car will not respond)!  Yes, ICE can be dangerous – weather you are a newly refurbished American vehicle or something from another country – it’s probably something to avoid.  However, I would like to point out that ICE in its smallest form can attribute to many great things, like Hemingway and his whiskey or me and mine!  Regardless, in a larger, more climatic form in the Dallas area, ICE is terrible.  And, therefore, our offices must shut down, mostly to adhere to the ISD’s that are fearful they will not get their students shuttled to and fro in their large yellow buses (mostly because they don’t have enough), but moreover because we can.  Technology is a wonderful thing and while we all enjoy showing up as early as possible to enjoy each other’s company, we much more enjoy the safety that is involved in working from home and avoiding the crazies that believe that there is something Herculean about driving to the office in treacherous weather.  Personally, I have yet to see a Hercules movie that included him fighting in Ice or Snow.  I’m pretty sure he was okay with fire, fangs and flying beasts, but not sure anyone ever noticed him battling in cold weather.  Maybe it’s because, like Hercules, many of us don’t mind getting out and challenging our suits and their armpit reinforced jackets at 105 degrees, but none of us are seriously interested in battling anything that involved our beard, mustache or what’s left of our balding head freezing over when walking from the car to the office?  So, for that specific reason and not for any other Herculean, Alien or Newly Re-Treaded American Vehicle reason, our offices are closed on Monday, February 23rd.  And, while the world may just come to a complete halt for this reason, our recruiters will be diligently working from their homes to make sure that there is not a job nor a career opportunity that goes un-addressed due to ICE.