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Have I Read This Blog Before?

Posted by Allie Feste

Today, while coming up with a blog post idea, I turned to one of our Recruiters and asked for ideas. Suddenly, I had déjà vu of this exact conversation in the exact spot I was at. With that being said, today's blog post is about déjà vu and who knows, you might have already seen this? One out of three people will have Déjà vu and experience the seconds of both confusion and excitement. Because it happens so quickly and randomly, déjà vu is very difficult to study and understand. While there is no exact explanation to why we have déjà vu, the theories are always fun to read. Here are three of the craziest theories behind déjà vu that have been thoroughly studied by real scientists.

Parallel Universe Theory- Sounds cool, right?

Believers in this theory claim that the human experience of déjà vu can be explained by considering the unsettling feeling of having lived a moment before as a “crossover” with a parallel universe. This would mean that whatever you’re doing while experiencing the déjà vu, a parallel version of you is doing it in a different universe simultaneously, therefore creating an alignment between the two universes. Freaked out yet?

Hologram Theory- Wait, what?

The hologram theory is the idea that our memories are formed like three-dimensional images, which means they have a structured frame network to them (like a hologram). Meaning if one stimulus in your environment (a sound, smell, etc.) reminds you of a previous moment you have experienced, the entire memory can be recreated by your mind like a hologram. This explains déjà vu by suggesting that when something in our current environment reminds us of our past, our brain makes a connection to the past event and produces a “hologram” of the memory to make it feel like we are reliving it.

Precognitive Dream - Like, Inception?

Lastly, we have the theory that makes the most sense. A precognitive dream is where a dream we have predicts something that happens in the future—someone finds themselves in a situation they had previously dreamed about. This could explain déjà vu by suggesting that the moment we have the experience of living something before is when we have previously dreamed about the present happenings.


If this blog intrigued you to go to the search bar and google more interesting facts about déjà vu, look no further. Here is a list of 25 facts about déjà vu that might seem familiar (get it?).