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A Blog For Allie the Intern

Posted by Kahli Hugley

Allie The Intern has been suggesting for quite some time now for us to write about resume tips. She always says it’s for a friend but I’m starting to get the feeling that she might have multiple friends…

Anyway, our recruiting style at Genesis tends to not focus as much on a person’s resume. Sometimes we find people who may not even have a resume made but they’re perfect for the job we are working on! But we understand the major significance a resume has when looking for a job. If you do not have a recruiter on your team when you’re applying for jobs, then usually your resume must tell your story for you.

So for Allie’s friends’ sake – here are a few resume tips to help tell your story!

Be Specific

A resume should only be about 1-2 pages. With that in mind, you need to be very specific. A thesaurus is your best friend when you are trying to be descriptive but concise at the same time. But also make sure you’re only adding words that you know how to pronounce!

Be Organized

Make sure your resume is clearly defined by sections. “Education”, “Work Experience”, “Achievements”, etc. Some hiring managers will need to pinpoint specific things about you quickly. If that specific information about you is easy to find you’re more likely to receive a call if you have what the company is looking for.

Be Flexible

Not all jobs are the same – so why are you using the same resume for each job? Part of the application process is catering your application to each job you’re applying for. Yes, it takes a long time to make a resume, but it also takes a long time to find a job if you are not putting your full effort into it.

Be Yourself

Nobody else is like you so why does your resume have to look like everyone else’s? Make your resume uniquely yours, which also means do not put anything on your resume that you have not done. For example, you’re not bilingual if you only took Spanish in high school. A hiring manager will know if you do not have the skills you listed on your resume.

Let us know what other resume tips you have – or if you have any questions! And we hope that Allie’s friends will find this helpful!