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You Should Definitely Bring Your Dog To Your Interview

Posted by Kahli Hugley

Cat lovers, begone from this blog post (I’ll show you some love later...maybe) because this post is all about why you should absolutely bring your dog to your next interview. Listen. I know what you are thinking. Bringing your dog is “not proper etiquette”, blah, blah, blah. But just think for a minute of all the possibilities having your tailed BFF right there when your future boss first meets you! Here are five reasons why having your little pupper interview with you is a GREAT thing:

They Will Answer Questions For You

Have you ever been asked how you overcame failure or the things you learned from previous positions? You are probably so amazing at everything that you had no way to answer this question – you have never failed at anything. Well, that is where your good boy/girl comes in! Just ask your buddy to speak for you and then you’re on to the next question.

They Will Claim Your Next Office As Your Territory

During the usual office tour, your doggo will be ecstatic to see your new home away from home – so ecstatic they just can’t contain themselves and then…claim…your new office. All your competition will see that the office has already been “claimed” which will easily land you the job.

They Will Give You An Excuse Not To Bring Your Resume

The dog ate my resume excuse works like a charm. Your future boss will have to take your word for it that you just got back from the International Space Station and that is why you have been unemployed for six months.

You Will Weed Out The Cat Sympathizers

When someone currently working for the company breaks out in hives and has to run out the building away from your precious pup, then you know this company has cat sympathizers. At this point, you should probably just leave immediately. Nobody wants to work with cat sympathizers.

You Will Make Everyone Happy And They Will Want to Hire You!

Your doggo is obviously the most well-behaved and loving, caring, sweetest pupper in the entire fluffing world. They don’t jump, bark, or drool on anyone. Once your future boss sees that, you will get the job no problem!

Now the next step in this process is to buy Fido the biggest bone because you would have never received this job if it weren’t for him. Congratulations!