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Regarding Failure

Posted by Kahli Hugley

Failure: a topic everyone can agree that if you are human, then you are probably an expert on it. Whether you have failed a class, lost a job because of something you did, or just overall do not feel like you are living up to your highest potential, we have all experienced failure.

What I want to discuss today is how to react to your failure and how to grow from it.


Failure is something we either hold onto or we completely ignore. Ignoring failure and trying to pretend you do not feel bad are unhealthy as well. Be strong in the face of failure and do not let it define you but be sincere and aware that failure has emotional backlash. You will and are supposed to feel bad about failure. Acknowledgement is the first step to overcoming failure. Meet with your failure head on and own it – make it yours but do not make it a part of you. Remember, just because you have failed at something does not make YOU a failure.


Successful people learn from their mistakes instead of dwelling on the past. This is usually the part of the blog where I reference several successful people who have failed before – but I want this blog to be about you. Reflect on your own failure and analyze how you can improve and not make the same mistakes repeatedly.


Failure is a past event and as much as I personally would like to build a time machine and fix my own mistakes – we must leave our failures in the past. Tomorrow is always a new day and after acknowledging and analyzing your failure, you will be much stronger and better prepared to take on even more challenges. Take risks and do not be afraid to fail again. Dwelling too much on the past will take away energy that can be used to be successful in the future.

It takes the same amount of energy to dream big as it does to dream small. Don’t let failure cause you to only to have small dreams. Keep your dreams big. Keep moving forward. Keep growing every day.

You will be successful.