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Posted by Trey Hugley

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals"… Henry David Thoreau


In my experience, most people reach for that amazing new car, or that larger house, or even that top shelf-five star vacation.  But in most cases, they are doing it because our society tells you to.  The sales manager may tell you to cut out a picture of that black corvette that you are going to purchase with your first big commission check.  Or, better yet, suggest that you go ahead an buy it on credit, hoping as a sales person this will put you in a position to strive to succeed - just to make your bills.


Over my 20 year career, the one thing I've learned about life is that the journey is just as much fun as the pinnacle that is reached at the end of the journey.  I have a close friend who travelled to the peak of the Himalayas and to hear his story is absolutely amazing.  His experience with the Sherpa who led his group, the change in weather temperatures and the challenge of dealing with the altitude and overcoming its barriers.  It's an amazing story.  While he'll tell you the view at the top was one of the most beautiful things he has seen, he only spends about 10 seconds telling you about the view.  The story about getting there?  Well, that takes about an hour to tell and will put you on the edge of your seat and tug on almost every emotion a human being is capable of exhibiting with such a story.  It's absolutely incredible! 


When asked about the trip back down?  Well, it has a few variances, but overall, it's similar and so there's not much to it.  However, there are futher discussions and graphicly drawn out plans about the next adventure.  Again, it's about the plans and what the adventure will entail and less about what the final moment will be like when it is achieved.


I'm sure there are people out there who traverse some pretty treacherous lands to get to something they believe is worth the view, or the feeling they experience when they get there.  But, I would venture a guess that the majority of mankind actually enjoys the trip, not the destination.  For what it's worth, our careers are very similar.  In the past (40 years ago), when we reached our destination, we received a Rolex, a pat on the back and a send off to unlimited golf, DIY projects, etc.  Today, retirement is just a new event.  It has no longer become just a destination.  With that in mind, in the great words of Thoreau, I plan to make the most out of every day…


  • Friday afternoon is no longer a destination - it's another day in the great adventure that is my career.
  • Monday is no longer a start of the week - it can be a new beginning
  • My recent knee surgery is no longer a hinderance - it's the building of a new health program
  • My children going off to college is no longer a vacancy around the house - it's an amazing new adventure in parenthood


I believe people involved in the interview and hiring process may be more successful and have more enjoyment in the process if they look at it with the following perspective:

  • This person isn't testing my knowledge - they are wanting to see the world through my eyes
  • This individual may not be a job hopper - they may have a very interesting story to tell
  • While gaining a job is my achievement - how will I work to enjoy the process of finding that job?
  • What relationships do I have that I enjoy and how can I continue building on those relationships in my search?
  • As an individual, I do have an interesting story to tell, how should I tell it?
  • Poor turnover is typically a journey towards the achievement of a successful staff - what does that story look like?


I hope these are a few ideas that will help the process of telling your own story and hopefully, building and creating your next story!


I'm looking forward to the next story in my life and my career.  If you have an interesting story to tell, please post it here in this blog.  I believe the stories of the trips to your destinations will be a great addition and will allow all of us to see the world and different events through each other's eyes!  Please keep it clean.