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How To Unplug From Work On Vacation

Posted by Kahli Hugley

Vacation is a necessary part of life in order to step away from work responsibilities and unwind for a while. Now that it is summer, most employees are using their vacation time now to see their family and friends and to just take the day off. Everyone knows that taking a vacation is extremely important for your mental health, but how do we use that vacation time without getting sucked back into working? Below are five tips that will help you “unplug” so you can unwind!

1. Designate a person to cover you

In the job market we are in now, this is easier said than done considering most of management is doing 2-3 jobs at once. However, you personally are not responsible for the way the job market is right now and you need a break. Maybe talk to the new, eager, recently graduated assistant to see if they could help cover some of your work? Talk to a trusted colleague about covering some of your more in-depth responsibilities. Lastly, make sure your boss knows who exactly is covering for you while you are gone. If the boss knows who is covering for you, they will be less likely to try to reach you while you are drinking your Pina Colada on the beach.

2. Trust your coworkers

Nobody can do your work as good as you can – that’s why you are in such an incredible role at your company right now! However, trust goes a long way in the workplace. You need to trust your coworkers that they will accomplish your tasks with the same fervor as you. If you can “unplug” and let your colleagues handle your business while your gone, that will establish a stronger working relationship between you and your colleagues. No matter what role you are in, you are a team and teams are much stronger when they do not have to depend on one individual person to accomplish tasks. So let loose and trust your colleagues to cover you until you get back.

3. Fill your vacation with events

I am the type of person that will worry about every little thing – even when there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Understandably, I am a part of the majority of people who just cannot let their work go unless we have distractions. So if you are like myself, make sure your vacation is scheduled full of events that will force you to unplug and take care of yourself because you have earned this time away!

4. Don’t reveal too many details about your vacation

Vacation is a four-letter word to most bosses. In their mind, no matter how awesome a boss you may have, vacation means one less employee working for the same amount of money I have to spend on all my staff. The company is not saving any money or gaining anything of value by you going on vacation. Now, vacations are still absolutely essential, however a boss could potentially try to take advantage of a “reachable” situation. This is why you should not reveal too many details of your vacation because even though you love your job, this is a time for you take a break so you can continue to excel at the job you love. Your boss doesn’t need to know that you paid for international data so you can communicate with family. Your boss doesn’t need to know your schedule of events. Your boss just needs to know when you are leaving, when you will be back, and who is helping cover your responsibilities while you are gone. Whatever else you choose to reveal is up to you – just don’t reveal too much.

5. Remind yourself it is OK to “check out”

Lastly, it’s important to remind yourself that you need this time away from work. You’ve earned this time off. You deserve it. You need it. Even robots need a tune-up every now and again. Don’t feel guilty about being away from work. And just remind yourself that it’ll still be there when you get back!

Do you have any other tips to help remove yourself from work while on vacation? Please, let us know how you like to enjoy your vacation!