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Posted by Trey Hugley

Welcome to the new & improved Genesis Resources web site!


Nothing says Happy New Year more than Bowl Games, NYE Parties and Fresh Starts!  While I'm sure most of our staff will be watching Bowl Games and attending NYE Parties, our website has received a fresh new start to kick off 2014 in style!

I am very excited to unveil our new site and our new look!  Genesis Resources has always stood for three fundamental principles:  Integrity, Creativity and Partnership.  We accomplish everything we do with the fundamental thought of these three basic principles.  For those of you who are frequent visitors to our site, please take a moment to look around and browse through our new look and feel.  I think you will really like it!

For those of you who are new and have not visited our site before:  Let me start with a big Texas Welcome!  One of the first things you should notice is that we are focused strictly on the insurance industry.  Most people think of insurance agents when they think of insurance - as well they should:  these are the individuals who help drive the sale of all insurance business.  However, there are many more facets to the insurance industry when it comes to the talented people who make the industry work.

Genesis Resources focuses on finding talented professionals throughout all facets of the insurance industry.  From some of our most recent engagements to find a Chief Operations Officer and a Technology Executive to our search for Product Managers, Package Underwriters, Umbrella Managers, Claims professionals, etc, etc, etc.  In the interest of Partnership, our firm has filled all levels and all types of roles for our client organizations.

Even our clients are diverse and vary in their business product offering.  We have supported major insurance retailers and brokers.  A few of our larger clients including major Fortune 500 insurance carriers.  We have also worked with quite a few companies that service the insurance industry from TPA's and MGA's to Managed Care Organizations and Salvage companies.  If you can speak insurance, we want the opportunity to support your growth.

Opportunity for growth is another key relationship.  With Creativity as one of our core principles, we find ways to help our clients recruit and staff their organization with top talent.  We are not an old-fashioned recruiting firm that focuses on each individual fee and placement.  Our firm's primary focus?  The ability to be the backbone and foundation for growth through creative recruiting practices along with being creative with our services so as to support all levels of recruitment need.

Please frequent our site as we will continue to be posting new jobs on a weekly (and at times, daily) basis.  I will be adding to our blogs on a weekly basis and look forward to some upcoming and exciting news like the announcement of key Practice Leaders and new employees.  Each month, I will highlight one of our top performing employees.  I will address several questions that have come up regarding job search management, interviewing, resume building, networking, etc.  Please send me requests or questions so that I can make this blog something that is useful to all of our guests:  whether you are a hiring official, someone engaged in a job search or someone wondering what it looks like on the other side of the fence - I am interested to see how Genesis Resources, either through our web site or through our talented team of professionals can support you!